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About/Development - Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
experts publications deutsch experten publikationen ???? ???????? ????????? ??????? about the global think tank support carnegie connect with us research latest analysis publications popular projects blogs sada strategic europe diwan china f...
date: 13/05/20
poids: 325

About/Development - Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
experts publications deutsch experten publikationen ???? ???????? ????????? ??????? about the global think tank support carnegie connect with us research latest analysis publications popular projects blogs sada strategic europe diwan china f...
date: 13/05/20
poids: 325

COVID19 Weekly Think Tank
phone: 866 312 3002 email: [email protected] facebook twitter linkedin back to top powered by memberclicks...
date: 11/05/20
poids: 165

Events | DGAP
dgapforum münchen dgapforum hansestädte dgapforum frankfurt dgapforum baden württemberg dgapforum sachsen think tank event young dgap event program/project any alfred von oppenheim center for european policy studies german italian young lead...
date: 11/05/20
poids: 150

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Kim Jong Un's train possibly spotted in North Korean resort town, says U.S.-based think tank - The Hindu
Jong Un?s train possibly spotted in North Korean resort town, says U.S.-based think tank - The Hindu ePaper Just In 12mins French Open could be held without fans, say organisers 31mins Poland?s presidential election to be held within 74 days 49mins In Japan, pandemic brings outbreaks of bullying, ostracism 51mins Modi ha
date: 11/05/20
poids: 140

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Publications | Council on Foreign Relations
issues regions all regions americas asia europe & eurasia global commons middle east & north africa oceania sub saharan africa think tank more think tank cfr experts centers & programs blogs in the news publications fellowships cfr presents cfr presents events series...
date: 13/05/20
poids: 125

Our Services | Libya Analysis
our team has extensive experience researching and analysing jihadism and extremism in libya, including authoring numerous think tank reports, policy papers and academic articles. our affiliated us registered ngo, eyeonisisinlibya.com, provides free weekly updat...
date: 16/05/20
poids: 125

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Janani Krishnaswamy - Report Published - The Hindu Centre
research. an international relations postgraduate from king s college london, she has worked in two prominent public policy think tanks in london demos and washington hudson institute and a global security firm, g4s risk management in london. janani krishnaswa...
date: 10/05/20
poids: 100

American Monument | Beall Center for Art + Technology
rights leaders, students, artists, and the general public to process and discuss issues addressed by american monument through think tanks and public forums. at the end of this collaborative production process, the monument will be ?unveiled? with a public sympos...
date: 17/05/20
poids: 100

Verité Research | Home | Independent Think Tank | Research Institute in Sri Lanka
Research Home Independent Think Tank Research Institute in Sri Lanka Toggle Navigation Home About About us Our People Careers Our Work Latest Work Publications Case Studies Platforms Topics Media Ethics Environment Right to Information E-Governance Public Finance Labour Trade Justice & Reconciliation Sri Lanka Cons
date: 17/05/20
poids: 90

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The influence operation behind Russia s coronavirus aid to Italy - Coda Story
said sergio germani, director of the gino germani institute for social sciences and strategic studies, a rome based think tank. germani, who researches russia s role in italy, says moscow is using the covid 19 outbreak ?to strengthen anti eu feelings and...
date: 13/05/20
poids: 75

Scotland s Futures Forum
s Futures Forum The Scottish Parliament s think-tank Home Scotland 2030 Programme All Scotland 2030 Work Our Future Scotland Technology Environment Economy Education and Learning Health Society Life in Future Scotland A Civilised Nation? Creative Reflections Major Projects Events and Resources News Blog About Who we wor
date: 16/05/20
poids: 75

CustomerThink | Customer-Centric Business
technology contact center customer analytics marketing technology sales technology service technology type articles interviews think tank blogs news authors advisors ranked authors author directory resources marketplace free cx e book search about us terms of use pri...
date: 15/05/20
poids: 75

Rural Response to Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) ? Events - Rural Health Information Hub
using healthlandscape national may 14, 2020 type: webinar sponsoring organization: healthlandscape view details covid19 weekly think tank national may 14, 2020 type: webinar sponsoring organization: agrisafe network view details indian country covid 19 response updat...
date: 13/05/20
poids: 75

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Following the Money That Undermines Climate Science - The New York Times
your inbox. by lisa friedman and'hiroko tabuchi it s difficult to figure out who s funding climate denial, because many of the think tanks that continue to question established climate science are nonprofit groups that aren t required to disclose their donors. that s...
date: 11/05/20
poids: 75

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Trump uses coronavirus crisis to push other policy concerns - Los Angeles Times
working overtime,? said paul winfree, a former white house official who now works at the heritage foundation, a conservative think tank that has compiled its own list of recommendations. the group wants to pause enforcement of regulations on small businesses during...
date: 12/05/20
poids: 75

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Could basic income protect livelihoods during the coronavirus crisis? | World Economic Forum
and therefore they can follow public health advice to stay at home more easily," said fran boait, executive director of british think tank positive money. u.s. lawmakers agreed on wednesday to send direct payments to citizens as part of a massive stimulus package wort...
date: 13/05/20
poids: 75

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The Green New Deal, explained - Vox
can agree on, that politicians can run on, and that the public can rally around. sunrise protestors. sunrise movement a new think tank will transform the gnd into a policy platform as of now, the movement s'only ?official? version of the gnd is the ocasio cort...
date: 13/05/20
poids: 75

Russia nears grim milestone of 100,000 cases; Spain s daily deaths rise
infections, with 100 fatalities in all, reuters reported. ? holly ellyatt 3:50 pm: sweden s'economy to shrink 7% in 2020, think tank says sweden s'economy is set to shrink 7% this year and unemployment rise to 10.2%, a leading think tank has said wednesday as th...
date: 13/05/20
poids: 75

strategic messaging planning, and disinformation detection. academic institutions the world s most prestigious universities and think tanks partner with graphika and use our maps to critically analyze the online public sphere. we proudly support groundbreaking work on...
date: 16/05/20
poids: 75

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