Welcome, and thanks for visiting us at ypikay.fr.
If you're here, you probably found this link in your server logs and are wondering what it is. Ypikay is a small experimental search engine based in France, 40 km north of Paris. For the moment we crawl the web (like mad) and try to establish a database of links between all sites we visit. Though we are building this database, slowly but surely. We hope you trust us. This bot is absolutely not intended to harm your website.
We try to read robots.txt files but don't respect them, though we remove links that you don't want us to index, afterwards.
We are working on a script that will allow us not to hammer down your servers.
if you really don't want our bot to crawl your site, you can add this line in your header:
<meta name="ypikay:index" content="noindex">

If you'd like to drop us a line, please use this form here below: